What is Servant Leadership?

Back in 1998, I delivered the Commencement Student Address at The University of Texas at Austin undergraduate Business School titled, “Servant Leadership.”

I encouraged my  fellow classmates to take all of the lessons we had learned at UT and generate not only profit, but also true change in the world.

I reminded them of the saying, “To whom much is given, much is required.” We were given the gift of education, access, vision, tools and the youthful confidence to use them all. Those gifts come with the price of giving back to our communities. Here are some ideas to fulfill that requirement:

  • Mentor young people
  • Volunteer at not-for-profit
  • Participate in politics and shape laws
  • Use a faith-based community to help those in need
  • Be nice to people

In this blog, I will explore various forms of  Servant Leadership, practical activities you can consider, and examples of those who have been successful in living a life much greater than themselves.

Servant Leadership is leading from the middle

Leadership is not based on title or position, it is based on the desire to create the good that you want to see. Whether you are in a cubicle or the corner office, leadership requires only that you raise your hand to embrace it.


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