The Plus

It is not enough to have the lowest-priced widget, or the most beautifully designed gadget or even the most effective supply chain. You must have all of that Plus. The Plus is consumer’s underlying needs. What are their aspirations, their fears, their inconveniences, their desires?


It is this Plus that helps your company, product, project breakthrough the information clutter that threatens to overwhelm us all. This Plus is what makes the consumer sit up and take notice of your offer. The Plus is the scent in the air that turns their head towards you. The Plus is the sound that perks up their ears and makes them listen to you. The Plus is the gentle touch that makes them comfortable and makes them want to trust you.


Understand what your Plus is. Are you talking about it? Have you built everything around the Plus so that is apparent and obvious? Have you told your Sales and Marketing Teams to start the conversation with The Plus?


If you haven’t, don’t worry. Today is not over yet. You can begin right now.


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