Givin’ Me Tiffany Blues

The iconic teal blue isn’t just for Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Here is a design inspired to balance to soft beauty of the Tiffany Blue with metallic gold accessories.

Givin' Me Tiffany Blues

Rag bone legging
$187 –

Yves Saint Laurent platform shoes
€300 –

NESSA peacock feather necklace
€1.194 –

Tiffany Co chain jewelry
$375 –

Chain link necklace
$230 –

Ralph Lauren Collection chain belt
$398 –

Rebecca Minkoff silk shawl
$210 –

Dorothy Perkins silver hair accessory
$14 –

1928 vintage hair accessory
$10 –

Stila glitter eyeliner
$22 –

Eye makeup

Great Impressions Snow Pals Rubber Stamps
$10 –

Escape 2-Layer Glitter Laser Title Cut
$2 –

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