Tru Blood Withdrawl

Fuschia and ebony are a sweet homage to True Blood vampire series that shows that it doesn’t have to be blood red to be sensual. Sookie, be a dear and give some O Positive to Eric and Bill.

Tru Blood Withdrawl

Gucci ball gown
£1,500 –

Oasis ruffle blouse
$27 –

Preen pleated skirt
£130 –

Gucci shoes
€589 –

Vince Camuto high heels
$90 –

Friis Company leather shoulder bag
€77 –

1928 black necklace
$135 –

Wendy Mink black jewelry
$115 –

Betsey Johnson crystal bangle
$33 –

Drop earrings
£2.80 –

Gucci round sunglasses
£229 –

Juicy Couture makeup
$45 –

Victoria s Secret victoria secret makeup
$12 –

Forever 21 gold nail polish
$2.80 –


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